About Us

We are a Montreal-based art manufacturer, focused on providing affordable, quality wall decor based on 100% original art. We see our product as something new for retailers and homeowners alike – we like to call it Treats for the Home…

In the past year our business has grown tremendously, and it has become clear that we have found our path in providing innovative and original products to a variety of markets including retail, hospitality and custom designers.

Our exclusive art and wall decor is current & varied, and our Canadian made quality can’t be beat. We take pride in providing art for every taste, and affordable wall decor for every home.

We believe in supporting local talent, and our team is made up of internationally exhibited artists who have traveled the world and experienced life through many perspectives; their ability to translate emotions & ideas to the canvas is unmatched in the industry.

Social Responsibility & Sustainability:

No VOCs: Our products do not contain Volatile Outgassing Chemicals. All of our inks are 100% latex safe for your home.

100% Responsibly Harvested Wood: Our stretcher wood comes from sustainable forests. Our wood frames are made from solid lengths of hand select wood pieces with no knots.

100% Cotton Canvas: Our canvas will not warp or bulge over time and can be tightened by spraying the back with water.

Our Giclées

Original paintings created by our artists are reproduced using high resolution photographs and printed on 100% cotton canvas using the latest tech in printing process and latex inks for an even more vibrant look.

Once printed and stretched on our North American Pine or Basswood stretchers, various embellishing techniques can be used, including gold, silver or copper leaf, gel or sand gel for texture, high gloss epoxy for a brilliant finish.

The bright colors we use to hand-paint the sides of all our canvases have become hugely popular with our clients; it differentiates our lines from other products, specifically those produced overseas.

We can produce any size of canvas, up to 120” x 120”. We also carry a selection of floating frames in various finishes as an option for our collections.

Canvas Candy™ believes in focusing on all aspects of our product, from style and content, to unique finishing and framing options. When we say Treats for the Home, we mean for it to be truly delightful to hang our art on your wall.